Magis...Searching for "the More."
Magis...Searching for "the More."

Regions Hospital
Quality Bicycle Products
Reell Precision Manufacturing
World Servants
Hilleren and Associates
Health Information Management Association
College of St. Catherine
Alzheimer’s Association
Minneapolis Association of Realtors
Rebuild Resources
Native American Community Clinic


Many leaders want to discover a deeper and more meaningful way to lead. When you work with Magis, you are not alone in your search. You will discover paths that many leaders walked before you. You will develop a network of colleagues with similar values and responsibilities. Some of them may be your Roundtable peers. Others may be leaders you meet through the course of your work with Magis.

Typically, the benefits employees receive from working with Magis include:

  • Strengthen employee engagement
  • Finding stronger alignment between actions and values
  • Developing a greater capacity to change and navigate a complex, global market
  • Being part of an organization that aspires to greatness in multiple dimensions.