Magis...Searching for "the More."
Magis...Searching for "the More."
“The process of prepping for my Roundtable presentation led me to a deeper, more strategic understanding of how my personal goals aligned with my business goals. Sharing this information with my Roundtable associates and gaining their outsiders perspective of my business and its issues helped us burrow down to the underlying challenges that we struggled with in our company.”
- Brad Nelson,
  President Hi Tempo Ski Snowboard and Sail



Amid the day-to-day pressures and challenges of leadership, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what really matters. Short-term, urgent needs demand all available time and resources, to the detriment of important long-term discussions:

  • How do we create a successful, vital organization rich with purpose and meaning for all our stakeholders?
  • How do we employ our values to amplify growth and navigate change?
  • How do we use our resources wisely and make the world a better place?

We approach these Conversations of Consequence through Seeing, Choosing and Acting.

Step 1: SEEING

When we are immersed in the day-to-day challenges, it is difficult to see complexity. Stepping back to gain a balcony perspective allows you to listen and see with greater depth and clarity.

See into the depths of the internal and external realities. Check assumptions. Take stock of short- and long-term challenges and opportunities. This process takes time and requires the capacity for honest self-reflection. Your choosing and acting are only as good as the quality of your seeing.


Equally important to Seeing, is Choosing . . . discerning one path over another with wisdom and integrity . . . in ways that embody your values. The goal is a shared understanding of what really matters in light of competing loyalties, multiple demands and complexity of the outside world.

Step 3: ACTING

Once you are empowered and emboldened by your disciplined approach to Seeing and Choosing, you must Act . . . with courage and effectiveness . . . in ways that are aligned with your deepest values . . . in service to you and to your multiple stakeholders’ goals.