Magis...Searching for "the More."
Magis...Searching for "the More."

MAGIS values-LED™ leadership development


Great leaders combine both clear vision and strong values to build a great organization. Magis Values-Led Leadership Development inspires passion, clarifies purpose and creates profit.

Magis delivers high-impact results customized to an organization’s culture, values and goals.


  • Leadership teams are formed and meet regularly.
  • Roundtable discussions foster learning through “real-time” experience.
  • Best leadership practices inspire and translate theory into action.
  • Accountability and SMART goals chart progress.
  • Coaching keeps the team moving forward.


Meet Real Challenges

The Magis process is experiential, not theoretical. Participants tackle a pressing challenge within the organization for the program’s duration, and put their expanding knowledge into immediate action for quick results.

Align Values with Decision Making

Making good decisions based on the vision and values of the organization is the core of the Magis process.

  • Strengthen the link between values and decision making
  • Improve capacity to make solid decisions
  • Increase consistency of the leadership team

Build effective teams

Magis Values-Led Leadership Development taps into the unrealized potential of all individuals — ultimately building strong, effective teams that excel in communication, collaboration and consistency. Magis:

  • Strengthens teams.
  • Expands organization’s shared vision with clear roles, goals and strategies.
  • Motivates and empowers leaders to act with courage and effectiveness —
    and help others do the same.

Develop and grow “change-agents”
Successful leadership takes conscious development. Growth leads to greater self-awareness, adaptability and ability to lead others. This program moves leaders to the next level.

Revitalize and engage your leadership and organization

Engaged leaders revitalize the organization. Investing in customized leadership development pays off with employees who are inspired by purpose that is:

  • More than can be measured by a single bottom line.
  • More aligned with deeply held values.
  • More connected to a greater good.
  • More meaningful and fulfilling work.

Taking leadership teams to new levels
Diane Nettifee, President of Magis teaches in the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program at The College of St. Catherine.

Participants include leaders in the following companies: Cargill, Medtronic, General Mills, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gillette Children’s Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Health East, Boston Scientific, Kraft Foods, as well as a host of entrepreneurs.

To take leadership teams to new levels of effectiveness, contact Magis today.

"The Leadership Development process is a wonderful, soul-searching and leadership defining experience - I would highly recommend it!"
- Lisa Kampa,
   Manager Gillette Children's Hospital