Magis...Searching for "the More."
Magis...Searching for "the More."

MAGIS values-LED™ organizational development


Great leaders combine both clear vision and strong values to build a
great organization.


Effective values are those that are aligned with strategies and measurable. Magis helps organizations explore and address key questions, such as:

  • What are the timeless core values of the organization?
  • Where is the organization aligned with actions and values?
  • Where is the organization misaligned with actions and values?
  • What new alignments can be created to strengthen and grow the organization?

Magis Values-Led Organizational Development works in three areas, each
custom-designed to facilitate the organization’s goals. They include:

Core Value Clarification

Core Value Alignment with Actions

Core Value Transfer in Succession Planning

Core Value Clarification
Every great organization is built on core values. This first phase uses a variety of tools and processes to help organizations identify existing core values and then pull them into focus. Through a guided process, participants have the opportunity to discuss what is most important to organizational success — themes expanding beyond the creation of shareholder value.

Core Value Alignment with Actions
To be effective, values must be put into action. Instilling core values into an organization is a life-long commitment. Magis helps to:

Identify and strengthen value/strategic alignments

Identify and correct value/strategic misalignments

Create new value/strategic alignments
This phase includes an objective and critical review of organizational values. It helps leaders align identified core values with strategic operations throughout the organization or division, and then creates measurable goals linked to strategic initiatives. The process gives participants an opportunity to keep values active, relevant and integrated with operations, while avoiding the conflict created by stated — but unsupported — values.

Core Value Transfer in the Context of Succession Planning
Organizations, like founders, create a legacy of values. Therefore, a transition of leadership is one of an organization’s most challenging events. Magis helps organizational leaders understand the values that have built the current organization and identify the values necessary to help it move forward. Magis provides a process for “passing the baton” to ensure that the organization continues to live its legacy and maintain its effectiveness during a leadership transition.

Taking organizations to new levels
Diane Nettifee, President of Magis integrates successful business experience and spiritual leadership to help organizations achieve success with purpose and profitability. At Magis we believe that Values-Led organizations have the capacity for superior performance and superior impact on the communities that operate in.

To strengthen the core of your organization and take success to a new level,
contact Magis today.

“I find it helpful to talk with other leaders about challenges we are all facing. It provides me with insights and perspectives that help to clarify the situation as well as surfacing new ideas for leading through a difficult place. It’s a good process and the reflective quality makes it valuable.”
-Tim Gibson,
  CEO World Servants

Before working with Diane, we had a long list of values that we liked but had not embraced. Diane helped us clarify our most deeply held values and integrate them into important strategic work. In my experience, a values-led organization can achieve high impact. Diane’s leadership in this process was critical for us in making our values become real and increase our effectiveness as a whole.”
- Mary Birchard, Executive Director,
  Alzheimer’s Association