Magis...Searching for "the More."
Magis...Searching for "the More."



The Magis Values-Led Roundtable is a proven discussion forum offering CEOs and leadership teams the guidance and support necessary to create and maintain strong, successful, Values-Led organizations.


Amid the day-to-day challenges of leadership, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what really matters. While short-term needs demand time and resources, important
long-term issues go unresolved. Magis helps leaders explore and address key
questions, such as:

  • How can resources (human, financial and environmental) be best managed to support purpose and profitability?
  • How can core values be used to amplify growth and navigate change?
  • How can values be operationalized to create a successful, vital organization?

The Magis Roundtable provides the opportunity to apply a ‘big-picture’ focus to an organization’s challenges. At the Roundtable, participants join in vital conversations and learn how to apply core values to every aspect of organizational life.

The Roundtable process helps clarify core values and put them into action. Through proven models and best practices, Roundtable participants provide peer support on real challenges of the organization.


  • Develop relationships with peer executives and gain valuable insights.
  • Share best practices with other Values-Led organizations.
  • Integrate leadership development into the process.
  • Increase team effectiveness through quarterly team-building opportunities.
  • Apply focused attention to real-time challenges with a reflective, high-quality process.
  • Challenge and hold one another accountable to courageous, creative action.


“I have found the Roundtable discussions to be very effective in helping Immedia think through many complex issues. As the Roundtable is made up of a diverse group with very different backgrounds, the structured discussions offer valuable insights that would not have been uncovered without the help of these talented business thinkers.”
-John Ledy,
  President Immedia, Inc.